The assertion you are God appears to be a ridiculous and arrogant lewdness

It should be explained. As per the Vedic practice and pantheism, not simply you are God; we all are God. What’s more, in addition to us all are God; everything is God. God is the universe in collaboration, the entire that is more than the amount of its parts.

This goes against standard Western religious philosophy, which depends on a split among maker and animal. As per this view, God made the universe with us in it and is currently noticing our way of behaving, remunerating us or rebuffing us in light of our submission to His standards.

The religions of the East and the spiritualist practices of the West have an alternate view: God turned into the universe, showed it, will be it. As opposed to noticing the universe, God loves it. The universe is God’s dynamic side, participated in time, space, and matter. God is more than the universe, however there isn’t anything in it that isn’t God.

On the off chance that we are God for what reason would we say we are in a particularly wicked wreck

Since our solidarity with God is a living reality just in a higher condition of cognizance. Reality, as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said, is different in various conditions of awareness. Customarily we experience three condition of awareness: profound rest, dreaming, or waking. Each has its own world with unmistakable physiological boundaries of cerebrum waves, blood science, and metabolic rate.

Waking state is the domain of duality. Here we are bound in the relativity of time, space, and matter, so we see partitions among ourselves as well as other people. In waking state the possibility that we are God is unreasonable. It goes against our discernments.

In any case it’s feasible to encounter a fourth condition of cognizance that has its own world and physiology

It’s called supernatural cognizance since it’s past the other three, existing at a more key level. Here the duality and materiality of waking state are just surface circumstances. The more deeply basic the truth is solidarity, where the divisions blur and everything, including matter, is capable as one brought together field of awareness. Here your singular reasoning brain converges with the psyche of God. You’re presently not simply a piece of God. You rise above the limits of your little self and venture into the one incredible self, the heavenly soul vitalizing the universe. All detachments among you and God vanish, and you become one.

In supernatural cognizance you truly are God and you truly are encountering a sacrosanct life. The best technique I’ve found for accomplishing this state consistently is Supernatural Contemplation. Be that as it may, even with TM, it’s generally a transient encounter. In supernatural awareness the psyche is without considerations. It arrives at the wellspring of thought, where it becomes unadulterated Being — ready and mindful yet without an object of mindfulness, cognizance encountering itself. This state is so ecstatic, so sweeping, so heavenly, that we think, “How superb!” And when we have that idea, we’re no longer there.

Be that as it may, as we emerge, we bring a portion of the energy, insight, and delight of this brought together field once more into our waking condition of cognizance, where it enhances our life. Furthermore, incidentally, one of the manners in which it improves it is by providing us with a more profound enthusiasm for our separateness from God. The feeling of partition we experience in waking state is an extraordinary guide to commitment. It’s more straightforward to adore something outer to us, regardless of whether this externality is just somewhat evident.

Each experience of supernatural awareness likewise mends our sensory system of stresses we’ve gathered before. It is these anxieties, or karma, that make our brain unfit to remain in that state while we’re thinking and acting. When those anxieties are gone, which ordinarily requires numerous years, we capability in that state for all time.

This is edification, the level of human improvement in which our solidarity with God is a living reality, in addition to an idea. Then we carry on with a holy life, forever seeing the reality of the Veda: I’m the Heavenly, You are the Heavenly, and this is the Heavenly.